TinyCast 008 - Inside Mountains

This episode starts off depressing with our worries over Sega's Atlus acquisition, reflections on the late Hiroshi Yamauchi, and remarks on a diminishing Tokyo Game Show, but we also go over cheerful stuff like Inazuma Eleven and Game Center CX!

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TinyCast 007 - Bout That Vita

The Tiny Cartridge crew tackles another newly revealed piece of handheld hardware, the PS Vita 2000, along with the PS Vita TV, the portable's glut of Monster Hunter clones, and a bit of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call.

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TinyCast 006 - Capcom's Cast-offs

Tiny Cartridge examines the potential of Pokemon Bank, the fricking Nintendo 2DS, the return of medium-size game development, and more. We also spent a good chunk of time fawning over Mighty No. 9, the new project from Mega Man's sorta creator.

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