A Playdate special! Of course! How are you going to announce a new handheld without a Tinycast? Plus, a more successful attempt at gratitude and a Groundhog Update!

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A super long episode! So you know we're going in depth on the important topics of the day. You know it. So here it is: a lot about Arby's coupons and Reggie's new  chair.  Plus: a moment of gratitude. 


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Two things that have nothing to do with one another: Reggie Fils-Aime's career ends and a weird confluence of retro stuff. They're united by the thread of us talking about them, I guess.

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Noted fashion experts Eric and JC cover the most important details from the Pokemon Nintendo Direct.

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Says here that we... "had to do it to 'em." Link's Remakening, Dragon Quest XI, Daemon X Machina, and the Tetris Renaissance. Tetris Renaissance is on, y'all!

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We're back to catch up with each other and you, with a lot of real life plus Wargroove and Octahedron.

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