Since no other podcast out there exists to cover classic games, Eric and JC take it upon themselves to discuss all the old-ass games Nintendo, Sega, and Sony are spitting back out.

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For this not-work-safe-at-all episode, we broke kayfabe to beg all the Waluigi fans out there to let Masahiro Sakurai live in peace. We also covered recent developments in Switch hacking and a new kind of energy sweeping the internet. We really earned the Explicit tag with this one.

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Come for the convos about video game collections (recorded before Sega Ages' reveal!) and virtual console's absence, stay for us chopping it up about Yakuza relatability, what we're buying from Uniqlo, and recent ramen trips.

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We're celebrating this landmark episode with TinyCast founding member Fran! How did we record so many of these? After going over recent announcements, we catch up with our old friend, looking back at our favorite TinyCast memories and ahead at our lasagna future.

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TinyCast 99.5! While you wait for our 100th episode, enjoy this extra tiny portion of the podcast reacting to the Nintendo Labo announcement, gloating about out awesome community/discord, and expressing our excitement over all these indie Switch ports.

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