TinyCast 027 - Rose-colored Vania

Our latest TinyCast is a post-Game Developers Conference chat about Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Koji Igarashi leaving behind Konami and Castlevania, and how awesome the GBA was.

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TinyCast 026 - Steve Volt

With the past week light on news, we spent this cute episode talking about Gunvolt, as well as recently announced games/dates for both 3DS and PS Vita. Toward the end, we had fun discussing X-Com, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, and childhood obsessions.

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TinyCast 025 - Nintendo WiFi's Missed Connections

We eulogize Nintendo's WiFi Connection service -- speculating about its sudden death, discussing the difficulties of preservation, and lamenting the online features we'll miss. We also go on tangents about classic game ports and Children of Mana.

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