TinyCast 083 - Zipperblade

The gang got together last week for this episode to talk about all the PS Vita titles at the PlayStation Experience event, Xenoblade Chronicles, Pokemon Picross, and the nature free-to-play game design.

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TinyCast 082 - Grandma's Gotta Get Paid

We have lots of thoughts to share with you on recent releases, including Rodea, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and Yo-Kai Watch. Plus tangents on forgettable RPGs and overpriced games.

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TinyCast 081 - Stupid Gold Amiibo

Going over last week's Nintendo Direct, our super late TinyCast group recounted the highs and lows of the presentation, from fulfilled Dragon Quest predictions to Mega Man gold amiibo saltiness.

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TinyCast 080 - Thankoween

No Eric this week, but the rest of the crew discusses their Halloween adventures past and present.

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TinyCast 079 - Fruit Vapers

It's a very Grezzo episode this week! We managed to share our impressions on Tri Force Heroes and The Legend of Legacy, despite the interruptions of a cat chewing on Gundam models.

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TinyCast 078 - The Pumpkin Shake of Legacy

Tune in for 650 calories of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer impressions, The Legend of Legacy demo thoughts, and Arby's nonsense. We also discuss the finality of Shin Megami Tensei IV's follow-up.

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TinyCast 077 - Hatsuning All Night

Heidi Kemps joins JC and (briefly) Fran for a chat about two recent music games: Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX and Persona 4 Dancing All Night.

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TinyCast 076 - September Fish

Come listen to us talk about Super Mario Maker! We also chatted about Nintendo's new president, recent PS Vita announcements, and curly fries.

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TinyCast 075 - Byakuya Fujoshi

We blazed through this week's news -- the New 3DS coming Stateside, Ace Attorney 6, etc -- so we could get to what's important: Danganronpa husbandos. Join us for a discussion on the PS Vita's big release for 2015, Danganronpa: Another Episode!

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TinyCast 074 - Li'l Butler eXperience

Before talking about what makes Little Battlers eXperience and Level-5 games in general so comforting, we discuss the Nintendo Direct's worth of news and amiibo (despite the lack of an actual Nintendo Direct) from the past week.

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