TinyCast 036 - Dug Funny

Lots of love for Shovel Knight in this TinyCast, with some side convos about broccoli/Etrian Odyssey, handheld remakes, Magical Beat (PS Vita), weird Tetris games, and simultaneous Wii U/3DS development.

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TinyCast 035 - Electronic Entertainment Exhaustion

Join three dudes who weren't at E3 for E3 discussion! Smash Bros., Code Name STEAM, and all the things we totally accurately predicted.

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TinyCast 034 - Harvest Wars

We have 1,001 dramas for you this episode: Harvest drama, Hyperdimension drama, Tomodachi drama, mystery 3DS game drama, etc. Come and make up E3 announcements with us!

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TinyCast 033 - Full-on Farting

We celebrate Mega May with tons of Mega Man talk, looking at the series' boxarts, music, and portable games. There's also some chatter here about Yokai Watch, old handhelds, and ... J.J. & Jeff?

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TinyCast 032 - The Pokemons of Our Love

Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, and Tomodachi Life, a game with no Greek letter attached as far as we know.

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TinyCast 031 - Kirby Enthusiasm

Ashley Davis joins us to talk about all things Kirby, including the new Triple Deluxe and her upcoming Dream Zine project. We also surprise ourselves by freaking out about Pokemon Art Academy!

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TinyCast 030 - A Bitter Birthday for Game Boy

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the "compact video game system", we talk about our favorite Game Boy releases, as well as the trauma we suffered because of the handheld. We also discuss Meiji-era Ace Attorney, Bust a Groove, and Mario Golf!

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TinyCast 029 - Smash Life

Come hear your bros discuss Smash. Listen to your Tomodachi ruminate about Life. Join your pals in talking about... Ping? (the super successful DS chat app, not the failed iTunes music social network)

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TinyCast 028 - Real Deal Feels

Back at full strength, we spend a lot of time discussing Rusty's Real Deal Baseball, Yumi's Odd Odyssey, and other games we're playing. You wouldn't hear this discussion on any other podcast! It'd be weird for them to talk about the games we're playing.

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TinyCast 027 - Rose-colored Vania

Our latest TinyCast is a post-Game Developers Conference chat about Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Koji Igarashi leaving behind Konami and Castlevania, and how awesome the GBA was.

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